Sascha Lobos Cebit and Webciety Review


Despite a decline in the number of visitors as well as exhibitors at Cebit, Sascha Lobo is still the cheerful obese guy with his mohawk haircut and a fancy moustache.
After all, some exhibitors have already told him that they’ll come back next year.

Admittedly, I also enjoyed this year’s Webciety and the whole concept. Above all, Clay Shirky’s talk was as compelling as I had assumed. Just amazing how charismatic, funny and intelligent a guy can explain how the internet affects society today and in the future.
I heartily recommend reading Clay Shirky’s ‘Here comes Everybody’.

Quite contrary to the German web2.0 celebrity with the eye-catching haircut.
At the beginning of his interview I actually thought I might end up liking him after all.
But when the interview was almost finished he was asked which event he’d attend next and literally said the following:

“The question’s rather at which event you’re not gonna see me. I’m gonna do some research which event I’m not going to attend and will publish it on my blog. I’ve even read there’d be a symposium on Twitter in Karlsruhe next week, where I’m actually not invited.
I’ll have to do some research on that. They can’t be serious.”

Looking at his hard-faced mimic while he was saying that, I hardly believe he was kidding.

Seriously, I’m always trying not to have any prejudice against people I haven’t really dealt with yet and to be honest, I  haven’t read any books by that mohawk guy, but in his case, it’s quite hard to actually consider him ‘likeable’.


Funnily enough, Sascha Lobo wrote me an e-mail 30 minutes after I had published the post.

First of all, he wrote that he was in fact being ironic because he’s got the impression that he seems to be the only guy that people actually interview when it comes to Twitter. I didn’t see it this way, to be honest. In fact, I’d be quite grateful, if somebody interviewed me on the topic :-D

When I replied and asked him whether he always had that kinda haircut he answered that he had always had that ‘inner mohawk’ and felt like it was the right time to let it out. I was asking him because I had assumed that it was simply some kind of marketing thing to get attention. He also admitted that it is part of his marketing as the “hype” in Germany wasn’t just a coincidence.

We also chatted about some authors we like and interesting people in social media.
I really gotta say:

Man, he’s actually a really nice guy!

I always wanted to finish a blog post with the regular South Park ending:

I guess we’ve learned something day. ‘Celebrities’ might actually be quite nice people so you should never trust your first impression!

Good night.



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  • Johannes

    I think he’s funny. :)

  • SMartens

    I think it’s funny that you think he’s funny. :|

  • Marcel K.

    I happened to meet Lobo by chance and he hold a door open for me, when I was walking through the conference-center building. He didn`t know me. This made him a bit more likable.

  • Johannes

    Did I tell you that I’m growing a beard and a mohawk?

  • SMartens

    What a gentleman. He actually just wrote me an e-mail declaring that he was being ironic. I prefer irony in the form of understatement, not bragging about something. And I’m still not convinced looking at his non-existing mimic.

  • SMartens

    @Johannes I’m actually growing a beard as well. Some people on StudiVZ already told me I looked like a bum, hehe.

  • Rafael

    I like still like that Lobo vs Sixtus concept somehow.

  • SMartens

    Yeah, it’s okay! Are you the US american part today, Rafa? “I like still like”?!

    It’s like you know like…and stuff! Aaaaawesome! ;-)

  • Marcel K.

    It is not always easy to find the right mimics after an exhausting week at the fairground.
    I liked him in “Lobo vs. Sixtus”.

  • Marcel K.

    oh. didn`t refresh for a time and missed the preceding posts

  • SMartens

    Wieso zur Hölle müssen wir nur auf Englisch schreiben, Initiative ‘Deutsch als Lingua Franca’ Who’s in? :-P

  • Rafael

    Ja, Englische Posts schreiben bringt auch nix, ist meine Erfahrung.

  • SMartens

    Da kann ich nur contradicten!

  • Johannes

    Was soll der Beef? Nicht haten bitte!

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