23-24 May 09: UX Camp in Berlin


Johannes and I should finally think about getting married considering that we’ve visited re-publica and next09 together already.

This series of events is now followed by the UX-Camp in Berlin covering the following topics

» Information Architecture
» Interaction Design
» Usability Engineering
» Visual Design
» Prototype Engineering

I’ve kinda neglected the whole topic of IA, UX, etc. this year so that this event’s a good one to refresh my ‘IA skills’ and meet interesting people.

The other interesting IA event is the IA conference in Hamburg with Lou Rosenfeld as a keynote speaker, which is taking place this weekend. As I’m in Berlin this WE anyway and barcamps are for free in contrast to conferences, I’ve decided to go for the UX-Camp only.

Kinda sad though cause my former boss during my BBC internship will give a presentation there and Lou Rosenfeld is the definite IA guy. Let’s just hope there’ll be some video footage.


17 May 09 Deutscholympiade Finals in Berlin


On Sunday there’ll be the finals of the so called Deutscholympiade.

I’ve worked with the team for a week a couple of months ago and really enjoyed the events.
The concept is that 9th graders compete in four disciplines:

  • Rhyming
  • Paraphrasing
  • Explaining
  • Acting

They got two minutes to prepare their performance, which is then judged by the jury, which I was a part of as well.

Just to give you an idea of the whole thing, here’s a video of an acting team (in German obviously):

The final teams will be judged by the famous German author Sven Regener (“Herr Lehmann”), among others.

C ya in Börlin!


7 May 09: Socialbar Hamburg


Socialblogger Ole Seidenberg invited me to join the socialbar at the Projekthaus in Hamburg on 7 May.

There’ll be some short presentations:

  • Sebastian Becker on EPEA
  • Jens Hoffmann on NetSquared
  • Mareike Imbt on Biobob (who took away the vowels from this poor girl’s last name?!)

After these sessions, we’ll play Rethink – especially looking forward to that!


5-6 May 09: Next09 Hamburg


My fellow IIM student Johannes and I were very lucky and got free tickets for the next09, one of the most important networking and trend conferences within the European web industry, organised by SinnerSchrader.

I guess the both of us wouldn’t have spent the €790 + VAT to attend the event, even though there’ll be the finest speakers one can imagine, including Lee Bryant, the co-founder of Europe’s leading enterprise social computing consultancy Headshift.

I’m really looking forward to the event and especially this year’s topic ‘Share Economy’:

“Share Economy is this year’s theme of next09. This term is shaped by the economy theorist Martin Weitzman. His basic idea: The more we share our success with others, the more we profit ourselves. This applies to humans as well as brands. An outline of the topic and further information can be found in a brief summary of Share Economy.”

Apart from my Tweets, you can expect me to live-blog from the event, thanks to my beloved eee pc ;-)


2-3 May 09: Politcamp09 Berlin


Some fellow students and I will be attending the Politcamp09.

There’ll be some interesting people talking about politics and the internet – strategies, election campaigns and so on and so forth.

Some German politicians will be there as well:

  • Oliver Röseler (CDU), Leiter der Marketingabteilung
  • Kajo Wasserhövel (SPD), Bundesgeschäftsführer
  • Hans-Jürgen Beerfeltz (FDP), Bundesgeschäftsführer
  • Robert Heinrich (Grüne), Leiter Online-Wahlkampf
  • Matthias Groote (SPD), Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments
  • Stefan Hennewig (CDU), Leiter Internes Management
  • Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel (SPD), Landesvorsitzender SPD Hessen
  • Ralf Stegner (SPD), Landesvorsitzender SPD Schleswig-Holstein

…hopefully they’ll have something interesting to say apart from the usual campaigning stuff :-)