TakingITGlobal – Inspire, Inform, Involve


I’ll give a presentation on TakingITGlobal at the politcamp09, at least I hope I will, gotta hand in my proposal first, but it should work out as far as I can tell.

I will embed the presentation in this post as soon as I’ve finished it!

As I held the presentation in German and there were not that many people interested in the session, I won’t upload the presentation. Maybe at a later stage.

The fact that there were hardly any people over the age of 25 in my session just proves that most German politicians don’t give a damn about youth. It’s all about election campaigns.

At least that’s my impression.


Atlassian Confluence as Personal Wiki


I gave this presentation on Confluence as a Personal Wiki at the most recent Webmonday in Hanover.
Some people already told me that it looks like a marketing show for Confluence, but as I’ve mentioned in the presentation:

I love Confluence.

…and they’re not paying me any money to say that ;-)


Get the Most out of Twitter


My presentation from the Webmonday in Hanover on 16 Feb 2009, which actually made a couple of people create a Twitter account on the very same night ;-)