Happy New Year – I guess it is time for me to get social again


I obviously haven’t spend much time blogging recently and my presence on the social web has diminished dramatically since August.
Well, sometimes you just don’t have to say anything – let alone something use- or even thoughtful – and I’m afraid this was the case for me in the last four months, which was a kind of weird phase of my life – to use a euphemism.

Anyway, I’m trying to change this next year (wow, that’s tomorrow, right?!) apart from some other New Years Resolutions.
I know, it’s kind of lame to exploit New Years Eve to make radical changes in one’s life – in most cases we could actually do this everyday.

Rabbi Hillel makes a good point here in saying the following (thx Rabege):

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?

Nice quote – but hard to take it to heart in each and every moment (as with most quotes out there), especially if you can think of thousand of moments were you didn’t act like this at all. But I guess it’s time to forget these moments – living in the past, wondering why this and that happened, just makes things worse. So does torturing oneself for not living up to one’s own expectations and ideals.

Well, this weird private post will be followed by the usual Social Media stuff next year to be sure. Maybe some posts will even be worth reading.

Cheers and Happy New Years!


Blog Redesign Online – But not quite finished yet


46 cups of coffee later I finally managed to upload the redesigned version of my website.

There are still some bugs, so please don’t search for anything, which is not on the site – it will b reak the layout!
If you do, please tell me why it does so ;-)

The pages About, Services and Projects will be updated shortly.

I will also slightly adjust the overall layout as it looks kinda cluttered / busy at the moment – thanks to Powen for the feedback.

The left sidebar was mainly inspired by the Headshift website. I really like the idea of having upcoming events and presentations on the homepage to tell people where one could meet and to show recent presentations to keep visitors up to date on issues of interest.

I came up with the “Let’s Connect” idea in the header myself and honestly had to laugh out loud when I found it on one of the most inspring web2.0 blogs out there – Jeremiah Owyang’s web-strategist site. Seriously, I had no idea that he included it in his blog as well. Let’s just assume he stole my idea ;-)

I don’t really remember why I actually started to pull in pictures tagged “sunset” from Flickr in the uper right corner.
I reckon I just thought that the design was too boring and came up with that idea, and really like it to be honest. But that is purely a matter of taste I guess.

All righty, it’s time to go to bed now. There’s a thesis that has to be written and some pupils to be taken care of. Among other stuff.

Good night.


V from V for Vendetta – Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?


I have to hand in a three-page review of the movie V for Vendetta tomorrow. It’s for a class called ‘Understanding terrorism’ from last semester and I really thiink it’s a great idea to make students analyze a movie, applying the stuff one has learned in the course within the last months.

Although it might not really be very scientific, I created a Twitter-Poll where you guys can vote whether you rather consider ‘v’ a terrorist or a freedom fighter. I’d love to see your opinion, only if you’ve watched the movie, of course, as its story is quite different frorm the actual gun powder plot.

Funnily enough there already was lots of discussion when the movie had been released. Just enter ‘v for vendetta’ terrorism into Google and you’ll see what I mean. I especially liked one review, which summarizes the whole discussion in a quite nifty and funny way:

The fanaticism V displays is echoed in the fanaticism of terrorist groups around the globe. Does V’s beliefs truly justify such terror, or do we believe that only because we agree his beliefs? To put it another way: would you accept V’s actions if you removed his mask and found the face of Osama bin Laden underneath?

So – if you wanna tell me your opinion and support science, go ahead and vote:

Cheers :)


SMartens Umweltfreundliche Widgets Post gewinnt Re:Publica Ticket


Während des Redesigns mal kurz ein kleines Update (If you’re not a native speaker of German and have no idea what this post is supposed to be about, please let me know in the comments):

Nachdem Social Blogger Ole Seidenberg zu einem Gewinnspiel aufgerufen hatte, bei dem es darum ging, eine Idee zu publizieren, wie man Social Commerce / Online-Shopping “sozialer” machen könnte, habe ich meinen verbliebenen Hirnschmalz zusammengepfercht und den Beitrag Umweltfreundliche Widgets für Online-Shops verfasst. Dieser hat doch tatsächlich gewonnen :-)

In der Begründung heißt es:

“Meine Entscheidung fällt deshalb zu Gunsten von Stefan aus, da er sich meines Erachtens die meiste Mühe gemacht hat, in eigenen Worten und explizit für dieses Gewinnspiel ein Konzept zur Anwendung von sozial relevanten Widgets zu formulieren. Diese Arbeitszeit und das dabei heraus gekommene Ergebnis verdienen meinen Respekt.”

Das motiviert wirklich am Ball zu bleiben und zu bloggen, bis die Schwarte kracht. Vielleicht werde ich dann ja endlich mal so berühmt wie Sascha Lobo ;-)

Danke nochmal an Ole, auch für den Preis in Form eines Tickets für die Re-Publica in Berlin.
Da ich bereits eine Karte hatte, werde ich diese jedoch weitergeben.


Maximo Park’s new Album Quicken the Heart and a free Download of the song Wraithlike


This blog post is a tribute to my favourite band out there – “Quicken The Heart” together with a DVD and was lucky to be one of the first 1000 purchasers who get a signed copy. A great marketing idea indeed :-)

In addition to that Maximo Park has really gone web2.0. Maximo Park got accounts on the following services:

Thus, as a fan, you got 5 ways to have a conversation with your favourite band. This is actually a prime example of how to leverage social media as a band. Other than that, they also joined a community on their revised website, which is a good idea as well.

The only downturn at the moment is that they are not following back on Twitter, which they should, because you can get much more out of conversations than from just listening to people.

Another goodie is the free download of the new Maximo Park song “Wraithlike” from the new album Quicken the heart, which is due to be relased in May 2009.

If you don’t wanna download it, you can also watch it on YouTube or, due to the power of Social Media, watch the Maximo Park – Wraithlike lyrics and video below:

Maximo Park – Wraithlike Lyrics:

Here’s a song that finally you can understand
A minor statetement meant to counteract the plan
A list of wraithlike things, that quicken the heart

Just another song of faded memory
A raison d’etre for the entire family
I don’t remember it well
I was in love for a spell

Copies of “Sight and Sound”
She left lying around on the floor
She said i’d forget her voice
That’s untrue
It’s just not as sharp as before

Find some transparent words to give security
Another vacant smile that says rely on me
No way, commitment’s a bore
Where have I heard it before?

I could’ve sworn that everything was crystal clear
But I was shackled by a language of ideas
A desert has its own rules
Outside the circle it’s cruel

Copies of “Sight and Sound”
She left lying around on the floor
She said i’d forget her voice
That’s untrue
It’s just not as sharp as before

(voices, voices/ promises, promises)

The final verse is often meant to tie things up
But in this case my morals’ve been most corrupt
I don’t remember it well
I was in love for a spell

Copies of “Sight and Sound”
She left lying around on the floor
She said i’d forget her face
That’s a lie
It’s just not as real as before

Thanks to YouTube user Candave1.