Lee Bryant: Social on the Outside needs Social Business on the Inside


If you want to learn something about enterprise 2.0 as well as Social Media outside the firewall, Headshift is the place to be.

In my humble opinion, Lee Bryant encapsulates the most important things you have to know today, to grasp the incredibly interesting and vast topic Social Media. By chance, I also know that “to encapsulate” seems to be one of Lee’s favourite words. That’s probably due to his gift of being able to break down even the most complicated stuff into its most essential parts.

Here’s the video I’m talking about:

Lee encapsulated what the video is about as follows:

The focus of my talk was the idea that hanging shiny social media baubles on the cold, hard external walls of a corporate organisation runs the risk of creating a false brand promise unless this work has strong internal underpinnings in the form of social business structures that can do something about the noise, insights and feedback that outbound communications generate.

Key to achieving this is building bridges between the inside and outside worlds, and recognising that we are all (corporate, as well as human beings) products of our networks, ecosystems and connections. I touched on Christakis’ work on contagion and the influence of social networks and emphasised what an opportunity this embodies for brands with a strong value proposition, such as the poster child of modern customer service Zappos, and how this also creates a building-block, API-style opportunity for others to build on your products or services to create even more value.

If you don’t have 20 minutes to spare, I’d recommend Lee talking about knowledge management (2.0):

This one’s part of a movie called “Us Now”. You can watch “Us Now” at http://watch.usnowfilm.com/.

It’s a great piece of information as well. I actually showed the latter to several people that didn’t have any idea of the topic of enterprise 2.0.


Happy New Year – I guess it is time for me to get social again


I obviously haven’t spend much time blogging recently and my presence on the social web has diminished dramatically since August.
Well, sometimes you just don’t have to say anything – let alone something use- or even thoughtful – and I’m afraid this was the case for me in the last four months, which was a kind of weird phase of my life – to use a euphemism.

Anyway, I’m trying to change this next year (wow, that’s tomorrow, right?!) apart from some other New Years Resolutions.
I know, it’s kind of lame to exploit New Years Eve to make radical changes in one’s life – in most cases we could actually do this everyday.

Rabbi Hillel makes a good point here in saying the following (thx Rabege):

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?

Nice quote – but hard to take it to heart in each and every moment (as with most quotes out there), especially if you can think of thousand of moments were you didn’t act like this at all. But I guess it’s time to forget these moments – living in the past, wondering why this and that happened, just makes things worse. So does torturing oneself for not living up to one’s own expectations and ideals.

Well, this weird private post will be followed by the usual Social Media stuff next year to be sure. Maybe some posts will even be worth reading.

Cheers and Happy New Years!