What Twitter could learn from Facebook when it comes to privacy and noise reduction


I’ll start this one with a short excerpt from my recent post Two Twitter Features I’m longing for to reduce the noise:

The fact that Twitter introduced lists is great. But wouldn’t it be even better if you could choose which lists should read the tweet you’re sending out?

A couple of scenarios:

  • I created a list of German speaking Twitterers writing about social media. If I now stumbled across an interesting social media related German link and would like to share it with my followers, it unfortunately doesn’t make much sense to non-German speakers. So I’d like to have the opportunity to share it with this specific German list of my followers.
  • You’ve created a list of real friends, close ones, not the ones from Myspace, and don’t want to share some kind of personal stuff with your whole timeline but just with the folks on your close friends list.

If Twitter had only taken a quick glance at a the privacy options Facebook rolled out roughly half a year ago, the above-named issues would have been solved right away. 

Marshall Kitpatrik from ReadWriteWeb nailed it:

The new Facebook publishing feature lets users share things with just a particular list of their friends. (Or with the public at large if they so choose.) The contexts are un-collapsed. Communication is human again. That’s a very big deal and is the kind of change that could make far more people comfortable sharing far more information about their lives on Facebook. It’s also a feature that no major competitor (namely Twitter) offers.

Facebook may be solving one of the biggest problems in social networking – the unnaturally uncontrollable nature of communication.

As a matter of fact, somebody unfollowed me on Twitter yesterday, telling me that too many of my tweets seemed too extraneous to appear in his timeline, therefore putting me on a list.

So basically, Twitter would just have to copy Facebook’s feature to reduce the noise in our timelines & make communication on Twitter more sophisticated in general. Just by enabling users to choose which lists should see their tweet. I’m not a very skilled coder, but this shouldn’t be rocket-science.

To conclude, I’ve put together a how-to-video of the above-mentioned Facebook feature for those of you who haven’t heard of it yet :


Maximo Park’s new Album Quicken the Heart and a free Download of the song Wraithlike


This blog post is a tribute to my favourite band out there – “Quicken The Heart” together with a DVD and was lucky to be one of the first 1000 purchasers who get a signed copy. A great marketing idea indeed :-)

In addition to that Maximo Park has really gone web2.0. Maximo Park got accounts on the following services:

Thus, as a fan, you got 5 ways to have a conversation with your favourite band. This is actually a prime example of how to leverage social media as a band. Other than that, they also joined a community on their revised website, which is a good idea as well.

The only downturn at the moment is that they are not following back on Twitter, which they should, because you can get much more out of conversations than from just listening to people.

Another goodie is the free download of the new Maximo Park song “Wraithlike” from the new album Quicken the heart, which is due to be relased in May 2009.

If you don’t wanna download it, you can also watch it on YouTube or, due to the power of Social Media, watch the Maximo Park – Wraithlike lyrics and video below:

Maximo Park – Wraithlike Lyrics:

Here’s a song that finally you can understand
A minor statetement meant to counteract the plan
A list of wraithlike things, that quicken the heart

Just another song of faded memory
A raison d’etre for the entire family
I don’t remember it well
I was in love for a spell

Copies of “Sight and Sound”
She left lying around on the floor
She said i’d forget her voice
That’s untrue
It’s just not as sharp as before

Find some transparent words to give security
Another vacant smile that says rely on me
No way, commitment’s a bore
Where have I heard it before?

I could’ve sworn that everything was crystal clear
But I was shackled by a language of ideas
A desert has its own rules
Outside the circle it’s cruel

Copies of “Sight and Sound”
She left lying around on the floor
She said i’d forget her voice
That’s untrue
It’s just not as sharp as before

(voices, voices/ promises, promises)

The final verse is often meant to tie things up
But in this case my morals’ve been most corrupt
I don’t remember it well
I was in love for a spell

Copies of “Sight and Sound”
She left lying around on the floor
She said i’d forget her face
That’s a lie
It’s just not as real as before

Thanks to YouTube user Candave1.


Studivz lässt aufpoppen


Sollte ich keinen guten Post finden, warum man Facebook Studivz in jedem Falle vorziehen sollte, werde ich bald selber mal einen schreiben.

Bei diesem neuen Grund reagiere ich wahrscheinlich bereits ein wenig ueber, aber es gibt da ja immer so Tropfen die dieses gewisse Fass zum Überlaufen bringen.

Lange Rede kurzer Sinn:

Loggt man sich nicht über den Log-Out Button aus, so erscheint beim nächsten Login ein nerviges Popup-Up, was einen darauf hinweist, dass man “etwas vergessen hätte” und dies mit einem überaus dämlich aussehenden Smiley unterstreicht:

Okay – Es mag aus Sicherheitsgründen hilfreich sein sich auszuloggen, aber weist mich doch bitte nicht mit so einem unglaublich nervigen Popup darauf hin. Oder soll dies gerade den Effekt haben, dass ich mich ab sofort immer auslogge, um diesem grässlichen Hinweis zu entkommen?

Bei allem Gemeckere darf man natürlich nicht vergessen, was für einen Mehrwert es uns Studenten bisher so gebracht hat und dass man ein solches Social Network natürlich erst einmall aufbauen muss. Trotzdem finde ich, dass man durchaus drüber lästern darf.

Was nervt euch neben dieser eigentlich trivialen Sache noch am Studivz? Außer dass es nicht blau, benutzerfreundlicher und komplexer (imho im positiven Sinne) ist und nicht Facebook heißt?

Update: OK, es ist ein Layer und kein Popup. Man neigt zu Hyperbeln, wenn man sich gerade mal wieder unnötig aufregt :)